Double Intrestial ads appear when ad is shown why?

Why whenever i start my app then two intrestial ads bump up instead of 1.
All i want is app UI and users ratings but this bug is getting my app as a only cash based only for money purpose app with no look. Now my app looks like a scam because too much ads are appearing.

Show us your blocks. Also this is a problem with your blocks, not with the code we write at Makeroid


Checkout these blocks and my clock1 is set to 180000 and i have only 1 interestial ad.
So please help me sir

Can you make a screen recording, please?

i think you want to use clock timer to show intertial ad
insted of this blocks

I removed my the clock and just have a on screen intialize now it is working fine but now i will be not able to earn more but one thing i want to tell is that problem was in clock and ads was not double there was three ads and one thing please use your ad units randomly because whenever i start my app for first time in a day your ads appear this may lead to my earning to nothing because i only provide a ppc site and it pays only once per day so please do something for this.

I know your site requires maintenance servers and cost alot but take 50% of revenue but just resolve this admob unit id problem.
Thank you