Double tap to like

how to make like this
double tap on photo to like it or dislike
please anyone say

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Event to detect that a user has done a simple “Click”. blocks + effort


NOTE : This system is intended to representation purposes only. This can;t reserve the like. Once you exit screen/app, like count will reset.

To reserve likes, use a database.


Use this block


Use a timer that sets the count variable to 0 after 1 second. Turn this timer on when the image is clicked AND IF the count = 0

Edit: Like so

You can test the time duration with different times to see what works well

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Is this working ? :exclamation:

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We sure know it doesn’t work

I think you need to use a clock component.
Example:- When user click once on image then clock enable for 1second or more and use a Variable set it 1,when user again click on image use if then block ,IF VARIABLE =1 CURRENT/PRESENT LIKES+1.Let if user click once on image(not click again) then set the Variable= 0

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try this.
On second click it will show message in label, color of the button will be changed also further click will be disabled


thankyou for giving the blocks image

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Sorted out ? How are you going to deslike? And a new like?

He wants like only to store so we suggested. If he want dislike slightly will adjust, if he needs

2 tap to like and 1 tap to dislike

So, it should not mark .as a solution.

Oh , great ! Half Solution :+1::clap:

Oh great …but…! Teacher !
Don’t forget the aia file And Mark your Solution.
(UI needs to improve)

You are correct… I am working as a teacher in a private school only. So that if user asks, sometime i design blocks and gives them. People can learn by seeing the blocks also s ir. Even i also learnt by seeing the blocks suggested by multiple users in kodular and make me to think further. What I experienced, the same only user will feel it.

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