Doubt about protection

In my app there are important links which i fear that might get read if the app is decompiled, i have already used obfuscated text block but it would provide very less protection, i had thought abt using

but im not sure how it works so please help me how can i protect the links from being read

Are the links in the blocks?

Yes in obfuscated text blocks

Given it will be an internet connected app, don’t store the links in the app. call them down from an online resource, perhaps require a password or similar (also not stored in the app) to initiate the download of the data. You can set this to run on the first use of the app in order that the data does not have to be downloaded everytime. You could encrypt your data to be downloaded and decrypt on the device if you set up encryption and keys in advance.

The links which im talking abt is already links for databases, so using another database for calling links wouldn’t be a great idea​:sweat_smile: