Doubt about the types of keyboards available

It’s just a question, you see that the component (Text field) can change the type of introduction, that is, if you want it to be text, numeric or password.
My doubt is there will not be any other introduction similar to (numeric password) but that is not a password or that does not hide the text.

I mean what I want is that the keyboard will open but that it only shows only numbers but that when putting the text that it does not hide the text with ( • )
That is, a 100% numeric keyboard without any symbol and without hiding the text in the text field.

As in this image that the keyboard looks like this but that it is not a password that hides the text but that it is a pure number

You can set textbox to only numbers in order to open numerical keyboard or create a custom one for your needs

See the section “Show Password Dialog” and “Show Text Input Dialog”.