Doubt Regarding Api30

Hello in my app it download some png imges to internal storage of the device…

Any problum for that in latest update…

Avoid using internal storage, as it will be harder to use in android 10 and above. If you want, use ASD Extension suggested by @bodymindpower . (Search in community just by typing ASD)

It just a doubt my device is android 11 & it downloading files thats why iam asking

Got Confused Anyone Replay??

where exactly do you download to?
what about testing your app now after the new release to find out, if it still works?
I only can repeat: download to the ASD to avoid issues…



Downloading some image file from airtable database i rebuild my app in latest update but not submited in playstore…now it downloading files without anyproblum so iam confused

neither did you answer the question nor did you provide some relevant blocks…
which means, noone will be able to help…


@Taifun blocks

and for that you can use