Download and installation gives "Problem when parsing the paket"

I have a very simple project “wc.aia”. I added it to this Topic. When I try to install the .apk (added too)
I get the message “Problem when parsing the packet”. I have a German Android version. The german text is “Beim Parsen des Pakets ist ein Problem aufgetreten”.

My device is a “Redmi 5 Plus”, Android Version 8.1.0 (OPM1.171019.019)
Kodular Companion shows version 1.4B.1 Eagle

wc.apk (4.8 MB)

wc.aia (21.4 KB)

Kodular Companion offers an input field filled with “******”. There is no hint what’s the usage of the field. In AI2 you can enter a six digit code displayed in the QR code dialog. But Kodular QR code dialog does not show these digits.

After scanning the QR code normaly a dialog appears that offers to download the .apk and then install it. But this is not always true. Often this diaolg does not appear, the screen is empty. I have stop all running apps an restart Kodular Companion again.

Hi. please check your app package name… It must be like


Your package name incorrectly formatted