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When I click on the Download button, want to download All Data from List View as a PDF with a popup that has

From and To and download button

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visit here, and try to modify as per your requirements

is it possible for selected numbers??

I tried …

pdf not download

Maybe you could create some tables using Taifun’s method.

And then use this extension to generate a pdf from the webviewer content:

When I have to generate PDFs I always use this method and it works for me.

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I want to download Data in ListView as PDF

Or maybe this might help

am getting this error

I hope your format is not accepted. Let me try on my style…

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ok…you have my aia right…

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demo.pdf (16.9 KB)

Expecting like this???

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like this or like yours…need to download pdf via selected FROM number TO number as shown in 3rd image
pdf.pdf (74.5 KB)

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i don’t know much about this but is there any method to show any text in html format using local host on custom web view extension by @vknow360 and then then print website page using this block in extension ? :thinking:
here is Sample App
webtopdf.apk (5.3 MB)
Aia file
webtopdf.aia (70.2 KB)
And a demo video this works very well

There is not a direct method to pass a ListView to Pdf (at least I don’t know any extension that does that).
That’s why I recommended you to put the content of the listview in a webviewer and from there you pass it to Pdf (You can set the Webviewer as not visible).

is this possible like LIST VIEW > WEB VIEWER > PDF ???

No, for that you need to parse your data inside WebView.
But what about converting listview into pdf?

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This was done at here…

pdf.pdf (74.5 KB)

actually i want like this…which one is possible

Yeah, i know… working on it in my free time… half a way reached.

do you have aia file of this project … right