[PAID] Create PDF Extension Text to PDF | HTML to PDF | Webpage to PDF

no it dont.


How can we create multiple page with that

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My suggestion would be to add the ability to fill out pdf forms.
I’ve seen several users ask for this capability.


Yes User can create Fill out forms using this extension as shown below :-
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You Not have to do anything, if content exceed than one page its automatically create second page and so on.


Which name it will be saved & we need to ask any permission manually

not needed any permission;
and it saved as “default.pdf”.


when we use syle sheet files, for generating tabular format on HTML output, where those files be kept?

I put those files (bootstrap.min.css and grid.css) under asset folder, but formating was not picked up… How to resolve this…

Additionaly can we have an option of saving as different file name other than default.pdf… Thanks

Hi Hitech,

how can I send a pn message? The function seems do be disable for me.

I want to get your extension.

Your link dafaqdevelopers.com didn’t work for me.

Thank you


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Sharing your email address on the community is not allowed. Please share your info by sending PM directly to the user.

I paid for the extension that creates the pdf.
Can I get it right away?
Can it also be used with App Inventor?

i have emailed you the extension.

I don’t see the attachment in the mail!

i have already sent you . kindly look carefully in email.

Can you send me a direct message?
I would like to take some specific questions for my application, and buy the extension.

I purchased your extension and it is very practical to use. Just a shame that it has few features. I think it would be much appreciated if it could directly save the file in pdf without opening it directly for printing and being able to assign a file name from the app.
It would be convenient to be able to manage an event “after saving the pdf file” perhaps to be able to share it.

Can this extension work on Mit app inventor?

yes it works perfectly with mit app inventor.