Download audio generated with text-to-speech

how can i download audio created with text-to-speech

There is no such feature available the thing you are trying to make is not possible without. A extension so wait till anybody makes it

Is it possible to send it to Firebase and withdraw it with the link?

You could try

I did these but nothing is saved in the device memory in any way

The extension uses an absolute path:

When you move the mouse over a extension block, you will see a description/help for this block. Also as described in my extension thread, a record will be saved as a .wav and not .mp3. It would be so easy if people would just read the manuals before making posts. Also I have included an AIA file to let you see how the extension works.

Edit: i just noticed you got a readtime of 7 minutes.


Yes, but your example saves the .wav file in the root dir of the external storage and this is no longer possible on Android 11+. That’s why I posted an explanation and an image of a working block.

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" Yes you can specifiy any path . It depends on your Android where you are allowed to save a file. Just search this forum, how the file management works on different Android "
This is from my original extension thread

This did not work, the file cannot be downloaded in any way, I left the code below, I wonder if there is an error


try the blocks provided by @bodymindpower
the file must be stored in the ASD for this to work


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