[FREE] TextToSpeechRecord extension (Updated)

This extension based half on the original MIT TextToSpeech extension with the additional feature to let you record the speech to a .wav file. Useful if you make a translation app and want to save some phrases as a soundfile for later conversations.
I included a demo aia to show you the functionality.

com.django.ttsrecord.aix (18,3 KB)
TTSRecordDemo.aia (55,3 KB)
** Updated to solve some bugs. Now it should also work with fenix. **


congratulations nice extension :100: does it support turkish language?

thank you


Nice Extension Guy Keep It Up.


This is dependent on what speech packages you have installed on your phone. So this is up to you.
I have installed fifteen speech packages on my mobile. All working fine.also turkish. Why don’t you try the aia and see if it works for you?


Best extension of 2020 Award from my side. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :hugs: :hugs: :thumbsup:


Congratulations is really a very useful extension.

Congratulations is really a very useful extension.
I approve of having to give you a prize.
I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to leave free the insertion of the translation languages ​​with the spinners or with another component, because this limits the functionality of the app very much.
The user does not know which Contry to combine with the code of the chosen language., And certainly will not look for the ISO list of this code, so if you leave the possibility to insert them to the developer, we could complete them with the full name of the country they belong to. and we could also insert, only some, instead of all those The app inserts.

I have created an app that only uses it-en-es-fr-de and I would like not to show all the others unless it was necessary.




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This extension just give you the methods to let you do your own implementation in your App. How you will manage the language settings in your app is up to you.
You can restrict your language list to just the languages you need to let be choosen from your user. If you like the full corresponding name of the language abbreviations, eg. “Italy” for “it” then just create a list.
Really no need to implement this into an extension.

edit: you don’t have to choose any Country anyway, so you could leave that blocks out.

You have already been too kind to answer me and I thank you.
I know that you think that I am able to understand how to do it but it is not so, I ask you too much if you ask me the blocks as you would to insert the languages I have listed, because I do not know where to intervene and how to intervene, moreover I would like to replace spinner with listipicker, even paying if you tell me how much and where to pay you.

Thanks I’m sorry again for the trouble I think I understand, if you can check if I did well,
It seems to me that it works, let’s hope.

You can use this easy way.

Great thanks.
Sorry, I wanted to ask you one last thing:
is it possible to change the path where the .wav file is to be saved?
Because now it saves it outside the root directory.

Yes you can specifiy any path . It depends on your Android where you are allowed to save a file. Just search this forum, how the file management works on different Android Versions.

Ok I proceeded to delete everything sorry

Glad to hear that you finally got it to work for you!

A little problem may be here that you posted AppInventor blocks.
And you should post this in the appinventor forum, not here on Kodular.

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Sorry I didn’t think it wasn’t possible.

What if our phones has no google services such as huawei new phones? they dont support google play services. does it work on those phones?

right. probably it won’t work.

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Is these extension support (Hindi,Marathi)language?

Guys , in speak block
What do we have to put in code?