View project bucket

how to take this bucket project and then display it in the view list, only project bucket only


Use , call firebase taglist.

When firebase got taglist,
use listview elements to get value

I tried it once but it displays the contents of the project instead of the name of the project bucket, I want the name of the project buctket that is obtained instead of the contents

First set firebase url to default then set project bucket to empty then call get firebase tag list

Can you show me something so I can understand what I mean?

Then set your project bucket just before what I meant

  1. Set project bucket
  2. Call taglist



But he is using multiple firebase blocks , so he must define the bucket name in blocks section just before using get tag list block

@nurmala_sukui can you show me your whole firebase database screenshot

Ok do you want to get last to project bucket names

I get what I want but when I want to change the tags that are in each project it only works on the top bucket project only

like in the video when the tag is absent=yes project bsbd does change but when I change the tag to equal the tag of project f but nothing happens at all, I can conclude this will only change the top project only

i hope now you can see the dfference in your firebase

pls follow the blocks

since you are having multiple firebase component block, this will help you to overcome from the bugs also easily you can point out

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I will try it when I get home, thank you GSR

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it really works, thanks a lot GSR

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