How to get data from firebase and add it into your list view Image and text?

The Image above is my firebase list, I want to bring it to the list view and image in another screen.
Any ideas of how could I do that?

You Can Use This Block


but how could I recover the data of my variable if its on another screen?

You Should To Define The Tag In Other Screen And After Getting Value You Can Use The Value As Select List Item List In List View And Image

but to define the tag in another screen I’d need to make my text input in that screen, wouldn’t I?

It’s A Way But If You Can Define The Project Bucket Name In Other Screen You Can Get List Of All Data Select It As You Want

what is this project bucket name thing?

This Is Project Bucket


could you do an example for me please?

I couldn’t understand how I’d have to do the bucket thing

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And you created a new topic which is quite old means already have a lot of topics on it.
Since you are a new user so start from basics.
If you will a search in community or google or YouTube you will find a lot of tutorials about it.


If You Can Explain What’s About Your Project I Will Suggest You Better As My Knowledge