I need help with FireBase DataBase

I wanted to create an admin app with the details from firebase database but iam unable to add the details to limageistview unless i select a tag please help me with this
Here i need to get the tag as Title and remaining details as SubTitle

you mean the storage bucket which is this long number?

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U can use block when got value it has two local variable
One is value list
Second is tag list
While creating your list u can get values from these variables
Its not difficult just give it a try

can you show some blocks?

I need to get the data like this

To solve your problem you need to get each tag of each user …
It’s easier if you don’t open another screen and show another vertical arrangement with the data.
Look these blocks

Call to firebase to get tag value one by one or your app will freezer (for some seconds) until obtaining the values


In these blocks you have used Project Bucket but in my case case each user has seperate project bucket also my main project bucket value is empty

Is right … but you can into list view select item set the Proyect Bucket and call to Firebase to Get Value for Address that the first tag

I know it My aim is to get all the details like tags and values into image list view and in there Titles are tags and subtitles are values

Like the following

You can simulated a list view with labels (why you used list view if only show one item ?)

Try this

No i don’t know how to show all the items so i used to open another screen with value

@Sri_Harsha as @bestprintsf suvgested you to use vertical arrangements instead of new screen
So first u have to study how u can use them as screens

In community just search vertical arrangement instead of screen or multiple screens with in one screen u will find a comprehensive material
Aslo there are alot of YouTube videos

And then u can try to implement what he recommended in his blocks

U can do it using another screem too but using one screem is more easy in data handling


Yes Storage bucket is different for every user

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