Get data from firebase

I want to get data from firebase to my app.

I am successfully getting bucket list in ListViewWithImage component and tag list in list view.

Now i want data under that each tags in labels.
But no data is receiving.

Blocks :

My database :

In my database there are 3 buckets.
Under each bucket 2 tags.
Under each tag there are 7 data entries- 1st entry is- image link, 2nd- text for label1… to 6th- text for label6.

I want this data from each tag in image and 6 labels (image in image component, text for labels in 6 labels)

When screen1 initialize
I am getting bucket list as list in ListViewWithImage component. See

When 1st option selected i am getting tag list under that bucket in ListView component.

Now, when i select 1st tag from ListView, i want all data available under that tag index wise in image, label1, label2, label3, label4, label5 and label6 respectively.

But i am not getting data from that tag in labels…
Default image and text is showing.

Is your Firebase_DB2 URL same as Firebase_DB1 URL? if so then set the Firebase_DB2 project bucket with a join a text block - see picture



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Yes both firebase url are kept same.

Like this?

Getting this error…

Don’t forget the slash/


Like this?

Still getting error

Also getting error when get title and list view selection interchanged.

Can you PM with the aia

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I think your problem is that your are calling “get. tag list” and immediately you call “get value”. and i dont remember but it has a little delay i think.


try to use a clock to delay some seconds to call the values later.
Good Luck

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I edit your aia. Now working


But you use GetValue from firebase and don´t use GotValue…


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here are your blocks as i cant export aia or screen due to server issue, i just can provide blocks.

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Thank you very much for your help. I have not tried your blocks but blocks given by @Hassan is working perfect!!!

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Thanks a lot… working perfectly.


In list view image i was using a image for all list items from assets.

Now i want to show a specific image for specific item…how i do it?

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