Can we store value database to project bucket at the same time?

hi friend, i want to ask, i have many users in my app, and can we store value to all project bucket in database?, if possible please reply

If i understand you correctly then you can just use Firebase Get Tag List. After you get the list use for each value in list do and store your value for each of the items in the list. This should work.

can you send the screenshot :pray:

Something like that

it is not working

Is the output of Get Tag List correct? Do you see all entries?
And make sure that no bucket is set

i tried to press the button and the value is not being deposited to the user

Okay, but let’s see the output of Get Tag List with the notifier for example.
First remove the for each loop and let it show only the output and check if all values are shown. If you don’t see all values, then maybe you have already set a bucket in the designer or in the blocks - it should be empty in order to work.

There is a missing “/” in front of “periode1” too.

he creates a new row, can value be in the project bucket row?

Look here. Add the “/”, then it should work.

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wow, awesome, it works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, thanks you so much for helping :pray:

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