About Firebase Project Bucket

Is there any way to get all project bucket like get tag list?

Try this, set bucket text to empty and use get tag list block.


I was using project bucket name as ID so if any one knows please help

What do you mean by project bucket as ID?

Show your firebase structure.

Set project bucket empty at home display of firebase where all parent bucket exist…
And set blocks to get tag list… It will get all parent buckets for u

I mean i was working on meme sharing app and every users data stored under unique project bucket name, the project bucket name is their phone number as ID


Then set project bucket to empty and call get tag list, when you want to get all user IDs as tag list.

Once tag list is got, later you can re set project bucket and use it or simply you can use two firebase database components.

Your problem seems unclear, what do you want to do exactly?

I want to make delet image feature and when i try to delet specific data from firebase i should call all data and delet then store again but it is hard for users while someone deleting his image may he will affect others.
Now what i need is to combine users post together with their own unique bucket

You can try, after deleting re call all data and show, no need to store again.

If i call all data after deletion the deleted item gonna came again because Firebase DB append data function is not working so to append or delet something i should call data and store again

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