Get data from firebase

I am creating a shopping app in which i need to get user orders

we can get all tags in a project bucket easily :point_down: :point_down:

But I need this tag list :point_down: :point_down:

Help Me
My app is almost complete but i need to show order to my user too
That’s why i need it

Set bucket to bucket/mobile/order

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Already tried but not working

Why its not possible because its the official way…
After setting project bucket to above get all tags list and then get values for all of the tags… Everything will work fine

Also send blocks what have u tried

see this :point_down: :point_down:

Set Bucket to Bucket
Then get value of Tag Mobile/order/product1

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But How would i know How many products were ordered by user

i mean user can order 1 or 2 or more products then how will i get all products like this way

Srore One More Thing in Firebase -
That How Many Total items User Ordered Till Now

Use a Variable and Store That Number Of Orders.

Then in Project Bucket -

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Ok Thanks for the solution

Now It is working too

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What is this

what ???

This one
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i Deleted my Post.
So, its Showing.
Within 24hr i can Revert my Action.
Or it will be Permanently Deleted.

But why you did that
I mean why you deleted your post

it was not worth to not to be deleted

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