Is it possible to delete a Firebase Project Bucket or the whole tags in a project bucket?

Is it possible to delete a whole project bucket? Or at least the whole tag contained in the project bucket?
Because with “Clear Tag” i can only delete one Tag… And i want to delete all Tags in a Project Bucket.

If this is possible, then can anyone tell me how?

Thank you in advance.



I think you can get all tags and you can use foreach block for this.

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First of all, thanks for the answer.
However, I do not understand how you mean that …
Could you please explain it better with example?:sweat_smile:


I think that’s what you thought. But that does not work …
Is there an other way to delete all tags in a project bucket?

When using for each [item] in [list], you probably want to operate on local variable [item].


Oh … I understood it now what you meant. It works with “value” instead of “item”. Many Thanks :slight_smile:

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Use the propety set projectBucket.text(/) And then use clear tags procedure

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