Is there a bug with firebase clear tag?

I ask this because i want to clear a specific tag but it clears all the firebase database… i try using buckts to redirect but still clearing all the database

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Can you show your blocks?

I have added one more level within the “tag” and I think I know where the problem comes from

this are my blocks


and my database

But instead of deleting the tag “Jugadores” delete the last part of the bucket that you select

Before, the “tag” that I used was “F95GM6M7A” and it deleted all the content, adding one more level instead of deleting the tag I request, it deletes one before the order. I do not know if I explained well

There is the result after click the botton



This is not a bug, your bucket named F95… has only one tag that means if you delete that tag then respective bucket will also deleted.

The logic is if there is one one tag under a bucket and if you clear that tag then bucket will also be deleted.

Try, by adding more than one tag and try to delete your required tag then bucket will not be deleted.


ty for the info,
I did not know that detail

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