How to clear everything under a bucket

The program basically has to clear everything under different buckets and also has to clear the tags of the bucket that its getting the names from. Ive been trying different ways for over 12 hours now. :frowning: :sob: I am a noobie and I have searched all over the internet and none of the methods seem to work and clear everything. Please help I would be eternally grateful. Thanks :slight_smile:

It seems that You clear Tag twice, but why? Anyways, if you want to clear the whole bucket, just set project bucket to the whole bucket, and clear tag as the tag you want to clear.

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Ok idk if this is stupid but this is what i did. First there is a bucket called names which is called using NAmes (yes im lazy to fix my typo from NAmes to Names just ignore that) and that bucket contains all the other different names of the buckets that the user creates when they type their username. When I press a button I want to clear all the names and all things under the different buckets that users create. I thought a method like calling all the names and storing it in a tinydb and then using that and clearing everything by setting another firebase’s bucket as the names one by one and then getting the tags and then clearing everything under it and just doing the same for everything. Im sorry if im not explaining it properly but I dont understand lists and I am very stuck. If someone could give me any direction It would be very very very helpful! Thanks :slight_smile: and thanks @WatermelonIce for the reply!

I think i solve the problem because i had the some conflict… see my post

Right. Glad you’ve solved your problem :blush:

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