List of Firebase Data Not Working

I have tried the following code to make a list of tags and respective values of data in firebase db.

But the following error is showing:

Please help!

I am doing this for a project, so, please somebody reply fast

Please don’t be so disrespectful. Keep in mind that people on here are volunteers and not under your command. If someone wants to answer they will, but they are under no obligation to do so. Just be patient and hope for a reply.

Debug on all the global variables and show us the results

How to debug on the global variables? Actually I am new

Connect your app in companion and do this

Ok, now I am successful in retrieving the data but there is another problem arising.
My code:

Firebase db structure:
1 tag is coming multiple times

When I click on card view 3, i.e. delete selected user,
the tags get repeated two many times without getting deleted

Please help me

try using when clicking in cardview


Add global total list, global user and global user weight to create empty list into the user data get procedure… Your problem will be solved

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Oh, I am sorry

I did it but still a problem exists
My new code:

My firebase tags:
The video below shows the user data:

Please see the video and you will understand that when I click on delete selected user, nothing is happening! Also when user data is clicked, the same user is repeated a number of times…
Please help

See, i have added 10 names and deleted 8 items(see the below image) without error


You must get proper tag first and bucket must set

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