How can i get data from multi tag

I want To get data from multi tag database in firebase . can any one help me . these are pic of database and block


See here

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thankx its working

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I Am Using Cointree View List . showing a error .


Your list is empty. Use Do it to debug your blocks and see whether global name, father name and mobile are getting values from firebase

List is not empty. all value are store in global list like
global name, father name and mobile

When firebase get value try this

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all data are showing . error also are same
there is error and app data image.

Use a clock component. Set interval to 1000 ms



Yes, for multi tag and for collintree creation app need atleast fraction of sec breath and clock comp will does it. :+1::+1::+1:

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Also you can use this extension to sort it as per data stored in firebase if not your data will not be in order