Firebase Datatabase Problem

Guys When Got The Value It Is Showing Tag And Value Here Is The Image Please Help Me



Screenshot 2021-06-04 14.41.04

Please post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help

Please Check I Just Have Posted

…and your firebase structure is …?

I Updated It Please Check

Did you add data directly to firebase or from the app ? See below post

I Changed But Same Result

like this

"\"here put your sentense\""


“[“INSERT INTO table name(Dealer_Name, PDF, Order_Id, Location) VALUES (’”]”
this is the value

I think you tinydb will have the value of Store1 only. Them only you will get like this. Actually what you wanna show?
Or try like this.

1.Set project bucket to get tinydb data
Get firebase taglist

  1. When firebase got taglist
    Call firebase Get Value tag (get value)
    Value if not there (empty box)

  2. When firebase got value
    Set label.text to get tag - get value

So now your result will look like
Jishnu - Insertinto … Without any " or {,}

If you want to take particular field then you need to use the block
Select list item list (split text (get value)at , (+ )
Index (depending upon your need of the table , just use it like either 1/2/3)

Thanks :+1::+1::+1:

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