Unable to get value from firebase database

I am not able to receive data from get value requests, however I am still able to write values. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.


since the lst value is empty string you didnt see anything…

when firebase gor value, try like this


The get value failure happens with all tags, not just the tag with the name “tag”. I changed the tag value of empty array to an array with the string “none” and it still fails

Did you cross check whether your tinydb data having values or not? Because when login success, you are saving the datas into firebase but when do you store the value in tinydb?

yes, I have a profile screen where it displays all of the values from tinydb. When I enter the app by signing up (which creates data on the spot and loads them into tinydb) all of the data loads correctly. When I enter the app using login (which pulls data from firebase and loads them into tinydb) however, none of the data gets displayed.

Then try with get tag list method

But i am sure, your method is wrong that’s why you didn’t get , you must use add items to the list block. After getting all tag values only you need to save into tinydb

You are totally confusing the app

I tried the tag-list option
it still isn’t able to get-value

When login success,
Set project bucket to users/tinydb value(username tag)
Get firebase tag list

When firebase got tag list
Make sure you are getting value by catching the values in label amd then proceed for remaining blocks

Like this?

See your logic and think how will it work?

Global tag list will get data after firebase got value, but you are calling or using it in the same procedure block… :thinking:

Now Use any label to print the global variable value to cross verify

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Yeah, now ok it seems. Just test now, based on your blocks

The blocks I deleted doesn’t work, I’m putting your blocks on my kodular project right now

I changed it a little, it’s now like this

It works! Thank you!

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Now test it. You will see result, if not untick persistent then try

for anyone searching this up on google in over a month, I think the problem with the get-values function is either:
it has to be put in an array/dictionary (like still-learning said)
the get-values function can only access tags at the top level of your project bucket

Both will do good. Don’t worry. And you are calling only tags of concern only. So no issue

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