Problem in Firebase Get Tag List quary

Here is My Codes and Data in Firebase

I have tried as "Show List as Jason " OFF as well as ON, but still not working

Any Suggestions Plz

What is the content of your list “global Channel_join_List” after running .GetTagList ?

Well I have a why not try removing the space.

Also make sure that the URL and Token in Correctly Set.

Its actually all the Channel Name (or tags), that user joined

Don’t use an empty space in tag, either use ChannelJoined or Channel_Joined


I will guess therefore that you mean: ["channel1","channel2"] ?

If this is the case, then Firebase .GetTagList is working correctly, your issue lies with your Listview building process…

While testing make sure that tinydb holds the same number what it is showing in Firebase. Else you will not get succeed too.

Actually, I had used a notifier to check whether Tag is getting or not, but it shows nothing when the app runs. so you see The Firebase doesn’t receive tags in the 1st place

Actually using this same I can get the value from Firebase, But not able to get tags

It’s just a problem of not getting tags, else everything is working fine.

Thank you So Much. It actually worked

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Hi All.

I have a problem with my blocks, these call an empty value. any idea what could be the error??



I don’t understand why it returns blank values :thinking:

You forget to add the slash after the number

No men, not work with Slash :thinking:

Problem solved!
When change Project Bucket from blocks, delete main name from propierties:


additional I added at the end the slash, ( thx u @Still-learning ):


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Hello Everyone.

I am facing a very weird probleam.

First, have a look at these 3 Screenshots

And its result.

Actually, Firebase is simply not getting its value however it is getting its Tag List.
I also tried with Jason and Without Jason, it simply does not work
I tried it on Multiple Apps and Multiple smartphones with the different networks still not working.

Is it a bug or there is some mistake that I am not able to identify.

Thanks in advance.

You have added wrong structure .see the tag is not in phone number, your project must be
Brodadcaster_user_profile/that number/My channel list

And then get tag value of name

Thanks for Answering…

If the name is in the My Channel list then where are these items (Highlighted)

918290233052/ contains 3 tags Channel_Joined, My_Channel_List, Name
918290233052/Channel_Joined/ contains 3 tags
91829023302/My_Channel_List/ contains 2 tags

So in order to get name set project bucket to 918290233052/

If you want all the details , just use Firebase get value that number by keeping the boradcoster_user_profile as bucket

Now you will get all the details under that specific number as dictionary… from the dictionary just get the values of what you want


if you can see the top Image.

It’s like Broadcaster_User_Profile > The Number > The Name

And I had used codes according to that.

I had been using this for the last 1.5 years but this time I am seeing this probleam.

So I cant figure out where I am causing the problem.

Actually, I don’t want all the details I just want the Name.


And most important if my codes are correct then why it’s not working.


If codes are wrong then where it is wrong