I'am not sure if this is bug Get tag list firebase is not work

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

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I trying to insert information using this code

but nothing happen however if i use like this its working as expected

i also tried this nothing happen

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It might be solution for you :white_check_mark:

Or you may search for relevant topics on community.

This block is correct for sending data to FireBase. After completing all non-empty field validations, the information is saved in FireBase.

When the GetTagList block is activated, you are searching for all data saved in FireBase

The Block below contains the requested data.

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Shows how your firebase is structured and how you have configured the “Project bucket”

Just a suggestion to optimize your blocks in the future.



I tried to save string data, but it’s still not working when it’s from Firebase Database1. However, it works for any data type when it’s outside Firebase Database1.

Thanks for the idea improving my skills

still doesn’t resolve my issue

GulfEconomicContractingCompany.aia (215.6 KB)

It does not connect to the db, check your configuration values

I’m still looking for help.

Friend, what part do you not understand? I told you that your db does not get a response, it is wrong or it is not configured correctly, start there.

Added to your problem, you don’t want to share information, so it’s impossible to help you.

body i think you didn’t not get my problem and you provide is out of the solution. please do back read my issue.

If the DB is empty, Get Tags will not get a response (it will not be executed) to verify if a tag exists or not, you must use Get Value

Sorry, by not providing any information about your DB, it was estimated that it already contained records, it is difficult to provide help blindly, when information is denied or restricted.

Apart from what I mentioned, you must use a unique IDUser and a logical structure in your DB.
In your case, if a new user is registered with the same name, the data will be overwritten.

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Thank you body solve my problem, Cheers :innocent:

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