Help with the firebase

I want to see all the tags that are in the database, but when i put the blocks it just doesn’t work, i’ve already done everything and nothing, can someone help me?


I’m not sure, but try replace List_View1. Elements for List_View1. Elements From String

Didn’t work too :pensive:

Check this items
Firebase Database Rules
Firebase Project Bucket
Firebase URL and Name

Nothing :thinking:

Did you do a search here on the Forum? “firebase get all tags”?

Yes, but none of the posts solved my problem, it looks like the .GetTagList isn’t working and don’t call the .TagList. I’ve already done everything

Trying to help: is the image of the blocks in the first post, is it everything you tried, or the last attempt? Did you find out what @bestprintsf suggested to you?

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Please post screenshot firebase structure. Hidden link to you firebase proyect

The database is right, because i can insert things on it, the problem is that i can’'t get the tags with the “get tag list”



Yes, you set Firebase Project Bucket to /Firebase ???
Else you can’t get tag list

It is the third point that I asked you to verify !!!

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Problem is with tag list.

When tag list contains only integers like 1, 2, 3… Get tag list block will not work.

2 Ways to solve it:

  1. Add one more tag in your tag list which should not be number for eg. “k” and place any value.

  2. In your tag list instead of just numbers store tag as “tag1” “tag2” “tag3” like wise.

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I put the “/” before the name and now it works, thanks a lot, i still don’t understand why, because when i insert the data, it doesn’t have the “/” and works normally. Anyways, thanks again :grin:

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Firebase work like a folders and subfolders :wink:
Remember to use Project Bucket

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