Data not coming (Urgent Help Needed)

Hello, Koders
I am using Swipe Layout CardView Extension by deephost.

Heres my blocks.

Here my Firebase data structure

I want to get a value from (Text_Praise) from all tags in project bucket and show it.

What output i am getting till now.

Please help me with blocks with ss.

thanks in advance.

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What project bucket did you set?

Screenshot 2022-01-11 174441

Set= get value
Tag= tag “that for each item one”

i tried but not happening.

I see your spelling of text_praise is wrong in blocks

yes, i corrected them but not working :pensive:

acc. to me data in list is empty. firebase not getting any value.

Set project bucket


Try this

with 1 its coming

Set every tag from the main to till text praise amke it as bucket and try

ok, could you help me with the blocks.

Use web method to get all the values from the same tag for all users

actually i dont know how to use web component

Ref here

Till Give feedback make it as friebase url/.json and follow the above method

can we do without web components?

Yes possible too…

can you help me with it and blocks?

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i got 1 value

just now need 2nd, let me share you my blocks