Firebase & listview Help

Im having a lot of dificulty getting data from firebase and showing it in a listview. i must admit fumbling around with this a lot.


your block at when firebase get tag list is wrong

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i dont know why its not showing the tags…

It works! Yay. Thanks everyone for the help.

The reason to mark solution is to help others who have the same problem see how it was resolved, now how can your video help others, give us a block on what you did to help others.

My bad. I will write up an explanation shortly.

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So i first must say that this is still a work in progress. but it works non the less.
my problem was i made my bucket the projectID.

  • MAKE a bucket in firebase console.
  • make some test entries under the bucket.
  • add the new bucket name to the project bucket in firebase designer or blocks.
  • you have to have a GO ONLINE block from firebase. i put under screen start
  • when i tap alert button i use the get tag block
  • when i got tag data i sent it to the listviewer
    thats it. i am going to make a separate admin screen or app to add the data to firebase directly.
    so far im not using any values yet. im using the tag names for now.


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