Need help with firebase database

I am trying to create an app base on classes for students where there will be subjects and days like day 1, day 2, day 3,… here after selecting a subject i am able to get the data using dynamic components but i am getting all the data but i only wanted to get titles like day 1, day 2,… after selecting a day then the url should open

My DataBase

My Blocks

Final Result

they are tags so make a list of tags using dynamic components not their values

when card view is clicked then get the value of tag which is inside the label of the clicked card

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Got this error when i tried to get tags instead of values

Set project bucket to checkpoint and then get tag list

Ok it worked now what to add in open screen with start value what is the start value here?

How could I know that it is ur app :joy:

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First tell me what is ur start value

Thats is waht i am asking you to what to give in start value? Like how to send the value of selected tag

Oh then befor getting the tag list what was ur start value

I think ur start is subject of class

yes subject is start value

Upload the full screen shot of firebase data (hidden link)

Ok deleted the firebase

You misunderstood the structure. It will return a dictionary (json object).
So instead of selecting list item, you should get value by key.

Alternatively, use the for each key and value in dictionary:

Ok i’ll try it now

U should hide the firebase url other wise ur data can be hacked

If u want to get tag list of days then u have to put the project bucket as start value and after on screen initialise set firebase project bucket to get start value then get tag list

I am getting the tag values but if i selected a tag it’s value is not opening

Tell me in breif

I am having subjects
If student selected a subject it should open Days like Day 1, Day 2,…
And after selecting the day then the value should be opened in the new screen

Here i am able to get subjects and days but i am unable to get the values of the days