FIrebase GetValue Error

Hi Koders!
I have a problem with FIrebase. I have stored some phrases on Realtime Firebase and now I want to show them in my app.
The code is this:

Value on Firebase:

I don’t know why the GotValue of FIrebase block set my label with the first word of phrase.

Value on firebase : “Hi guys i love you”

value of label after set : “Hi”

Help me. Thank you <3

No way… certainly it will give but the problem is firebase won’t work with single digit firebase tag.
Instead of using random use specific number and try but greater than 9 as firebase tag

Did you add data directly to firebase ? If so, you should right it using the following format

"\"here put your sentense\""

For example when I call tag 01 and 02 I get value Hello,how are you? but when I use tag 03 I get only Hello

Also note that firebase do not work properly with tags 1,2,3,4… etc

This is the solution. If i add manually the value it will be saved as “Hello, how are you?” but if i use Store block it will be saved as

"\"Hello, how are you? “\”

I have to reset all value i think :frowning:

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