My Simple FireBase Is Not Working... this is not sending me any value

Please tell me whats wrong in my app

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check the url and token and also check the project bucket

I checked everything and everything is ok, some times ago it was working but now its not working.

than you have forgot to safe you changes in the url and the token or so or your rules are set to private and not to public. For al other people here firebase work, so it have to work for you too. There is a mistake from you check again all things, RULES,TOKEN,URL, If that is alright than it will work

Add some dummy text to value If Tag Not There input.So if result is dummy text you have a problem with url and project bucket.Because there is no value stored under home and trending tag so its return this dummy text check them

Do not provide any url or token keep it secret.There is no problem with fetch list from firebase.You need check path.There is problem with your path (URL+Bucket).There is no value under this tag.Check your url and bucket.

Can you post your blocks and Firebase Web ui ss?

Is your project bucket is empty or somethink? Do you use default url for firebase? Like

How you stored list like this.If you use Firebase Store Value block.Result is not like this.

Tag = Tag1
Value = DummyList

Its stored like

Tag1 : DummyList

Not like
0: Listitem1
1: Listitem2

If you try get Home tag you will not get a list as result.You need use Look up in pairs block for parse result.

If you try get value tag= home/0

you will get 1 as result

You are not using the GetValue block to get a value from Firebase (then use the GotValue event), or DataChanged block if you prefer to do it that way…