Firebase value problem

Hy guys, I have a problem with firebase. I don’t know why when I use Get request it gives me just one part of the entire value in that tag.

this is the tag in the database:

I just use get request and set the label.text with value in response. But it give me just the first word in the list.

the text of label is “ciao”
and i want “ciao,casa,cane”

Also I want to set a list_view with these values. I think i have to use “from csv to list” block.

help me. Best regards.

Show your blocks so that we can find out whats the problem…

This is the code. Don’t care about the others blocks, the problem is when i use firebase.GetValue, and when it has to set the label1.text he set just the first item(i post the firebase screeshoot in the main topic).

Create one global empty list

When got value,

Set global list to get value
Set label test to get global list

Below blocks call data from a tag index wise from firebase and show in the labels(or any other u want)

I have tried, but i have this error:

I have tried to set 2 the index because i want to see if the value is recived correctly, but i think not.
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In your firebase component properties

Set bucket name : YourDrink

It’s setted. In fact the value is recived correctly, but just “ciao” and not “ciao,casa,cane”.

Remove select list item block
Set to get value

Good, but not at all :joy:

Can you pm me your aia, i will set for you.

Wrong value on firebase.

Do this:


In the end I have solved the problem in this way:
I set the Firebase value: “ciao|casa|cane”
And when i use Get i replace all | with ,
After I use “list from csv row” block and set my Elements in list_view
I think is a good solution :+1:

The way firebase stores the lists is like this:


If you save the data with blocks,
you should be able to get it without problems


Thank you for explain me this. I do not have to store values in this case, but in the future this example surely can be useful to me. Thank you for help :smile: :+1:

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