Get a list value from Firebase DB

Hello Koders :kodular:, hope you’re doing well in your projects :blush:
I need your help in something, after storing my list value in Firebase DB, when i want to get it after that, it give me a string that i can’t understand how to convert it to a list again i used all decode methods (HTML, JSON, XML, URI) but it don’t work :firebase: :disappointed_relieved:
Here is the value i get when i test it :
How to convert it to list again? :grin: :pray:t2:
Thanks :heart_eyes:

i think this is help you buddy

Thanks for your help but… :sweat_smile:


Delete that send me just the screen :wink:

OK than check it buddy

Pack_Condition_get (2).ais (9.9 KB)

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Can you give me links of extensions you used in private ?

You Liked It Buddy

You have a problem with your screen, blocks area did not load proprely

I Think This Is A Bug Of Kodular

Yes that’s it
Try to export it again and send it to me

Pack_Condition_get (3).ais (9.7 KB)

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If it doesn’t work then take the AIA file

I don’t have time sorry :sweat_smile: :broken_heart:
Can you tell me what each block do ? :smile:
With this way, i will understand you well :wink: :heart:

This is For Creating A listview

Just remove " and [ and ]. Then use list from csv row text.

I used replace text segements and replaced " and [ and ] to empty text block but it still don’t work same problem

Use split text block … It will split text whenever it will found , for eg = in firebase you stored [“1,2,3,4,5”] then it will show in list like
3 …

And for remove [ and " use replace all text block

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Runtime Error

The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [()], [1]

Hello? Please check carefully.