List view image and text fild from firebase click selection and pull back data from fire base

Hello All my first post so please dont rip me apart

I am using firebase to hold data and it is filling a listview image and text now i have got that working well but i am having a problem after the click have been made i cant get the string to populate the next screen i have tryied possion and i can get the number of the data line in firebase but now i cant seam to get the data out of that line please can you help me please

this is the screen that pulls data and this is the one that i want to populate with

Which value you want to take to next screen?
In your blocks you have given position. What you gonna do with position? Pls correct it.

Hello thank you for the quick chat back i am trying to get the tag value for the whole string the tags are a string that is the yyyymmddHHmm so every one is unique and i want to grab that after click so i can get that data no the next screen and usu is there to fill fields

thank you again for the chat so far

See your project bucket 2, it is in invalid format

i have fixed that already and still can’t get the data to populate
is there a different way of doing it thank you again

the basic plan it to have a list of products in firebase name price ect and that must fill a listview with a image url once someone clicks on it it must open a new page with all the data from the product so it can be edited or deleated i just am having a problem with call back of the data on the next screen

1.Set firebase project bucket as newdeal
2. Call firebase get the list

When firebase got the list
For each item get value
Call firebase get tag(get item)
Value if not there (empty text box)

When firebase got value.
For each item get value
Add list view with images select list item get item
Index 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Try like this…

that part i have i have the list view drawing the data correlate its the passing the selection and drawing the full data of the product onto a new page the problem is the …when List_View_Image_and_Text1 . Click
there is No ( get Tag ) option

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