Error in Firebase Get tag list: with the same blocks I get data from a project bucket, but if I change the project bucket I no longer get data


I save data in firebase with the following structure:

Then if I want to get the data from the 10 label I use the following blocks:

and I get the results in Label 2:

but if I want to get the firebase data with Tag 1, I get nothing. And I only change the final number of the project bucket, instead of putting a 10 I put a 1, to get the data from tag 1… but I don’t get any results.

and the firebase structure is the same for all data, I only change the project bucket (as seen in the image) but there is no way it works. If I put 10, I get the values of tag 10. But if I put 1 I don’t get the values of tag 1

I’ve been doing this for 2 days now and I’m already considering the idea of learning how to use Sqlite…