Firebase project bucket values regarding

i have 4 Firebase project bucket and i want to retrieve the last tag value from each project bucket so for that purpose

  1. i used get tag list.
  2. then the firebase when tag list blocks to get the list of 4 project buckets.
  3. then use for each item in the list block Use the “Get Value” block.
  4. used firebase got value to retrieve the last tag value by using length of the list.

then i am getting all last tag values is like [“123,111,hi”, “44,56,hfg”, “78,98,good”, “45,67,no”] (this is an example) and i wanted get the index 3 of each item so i use each item in the list select list item index 3 but my list shows like [[“hi”],hi"],good"]hfg"]hfg"]no"]good"]] …why am i getting this ? what am i doing wrong?

no need of get tag list… we cau use dictionary method… but to do that you should show fb struture and the details you want should be marked or highlighted

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Please solve