Firebase data retrieving error

Dear All,
I am trying to get data from a firebase database through below blocks.
When we click the button, need to get the value of data1 tag in firebase database and show it in label1. But there’s an error and it seems “ValueIfTagNotThere” logic is TRUE.
I have passed these values to firebase via google sheet

  1. How can I fix this?
  2. Is this due to an error in firebase data format?
  3. How can I improve the blocks to get the data in firebase database data2 tag and show it in label2

Greatly appreciating your support


Did you set bucket

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Hi Shaik,
Eventhough I have set the bucket in designer, haven’t done anything with the blocks. Is it the reason for this issue,


No.its enough. There is no project bucket in given name in your firbase.

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That made the issue sorted, thanks mate. as you said I haven’t created the project bucket in firebase, and I had manually edited the database in order to check whether it is working, Now it is alright. I will share the result below.




If your issue solved, tick it as solution

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