Problem in firebase

i tried and tried and tried to get data from firebase , but isn’t work for me >>

this pic for my blocks and firebase

the label in the screen start = " " , because i set the value if tag not there = " "

please help me >>>

Do you get an error?

Do you have the proper URL and API setup?

Do you have read write access setup?

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Your project bucket is wrong…
testtest-d0bfe is your project bucket and you are entering NaughtyFlash
Change project bucket

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My bad… I did not cycle through the images. John is right.


i tried but the same results …

Instead of typing firebase project bucket just copy and paste it
mark it as solution if your problem is solved :metal:

no my friend , i said " i tried but the same results " :slight_smile: :smiley:

i pasted it already

label text become “1” , not the tag value

This one is your project bucket…
Copy it and paste

where i will paste it ?
sorry i don’t under stand :slight_smile:

Paste it in firebase component properties under the option project bucket

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but i already pasted it :frowning:

look on the last pictures >> i changed the project and did everything :frowning:

It looks like you pasted it on app name :joy::joy:


ofcourse no :slight_smile:

Can you show your firebase real-time database a screenshot

Okay I will make an aia for you please wait some time

ok , thank you

Perhaps this helps


that’s realy work , i don’t know why i should make a child bucket but no problem , thank you john :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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