I Am Facing Problem With Firebase

I am Facing Problems With Firebase Database. I Have Read Several Guides, Topics Post But Nothing Helps. I am Neither Able to Read nor Write. Trying Since Months. Please Help

While I Was Writing this Post I Also Got This Error

My Blocks:

or you using list view elements?

No I am Using Labels

Uncheck persist and see if it works for you

then try as said by dora

It Says For a Custom Firebase Host You must first set your authentication server using authentication features. What does this mean i should use firebase to aunthenticate my users only then i can use firebase database ?

And I Still do not get any values

then you have created firebase with location as some other place/… You must set us-central as location…

Now younee to recreate a fresh project in firebase and set location as us-cental and try once agian

ohh i cannot use Singapore-Southest1?

Some time… But it is working very well with asia-south1 but i didnt enable authentication and all


if autentication is not enabled then how do you get webapi key ?
and is webapi and firebase token the same ?

if you are usingfirebase only to save and read from firebase, no need of web api key… Just firebase url alone is enough

for write i need firebase webapi

No need. Only for authentication it is needed

ohh so what do i enter in firebase token?

It gets generated once you go into the “Authentication” section for the first time

leave it as empty. No impact for writing and reading…

I repeat, it is needed only for authentication purpose… I hope it is clear now for you


I used to do so

where do i find it ?

ohh ok so all i need is the firebase url .
ok let me try and tell

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Enable any one

Now you will see the web api key in the home page of the project

still shows same error