I Am Facing Problem With Firebase

Go to Authentication

Then go to to project settings and you will see it


what is the location you set? You are looking for authentication or read & write?

ohh sorry i forgot to change location sorry

The Error Went Away but it does not retrieve values. i called value but it shows the value of tag not there

Post a screenshot of your firebase structure

project id is visible to one and all :wink:

Refresh your creator page, reconnect your companion and try

I see in your code that you do not have a procedure to save data to firebase, does this mean that you entered data directly to firebase ? If so, you should add it using the following format

"\"here put your data\""

For example

"\"I Got It Thanks\""

Maybe this is causing the error

May be you set firebase project bucket in designer. but in your fb structure no such thing. so clear it and try


tried several times

first try to save values from app to firebase, then you will see what did you make the mistake. use button and text box to save value

If not share your aia. Forum is dumping with more messages for simple thing :wink:

I Got It Now
One Last Question How to Create New Buckets from App Side?
Because i am Making a Quiz App and I want to Create a Bucket for each quize and tags would be questions and values would be options


i can do that even if the bucket does not exist right ?

yes of course, just by following the above method/screenshot

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ok thanks to @Still-learning and @dora_paz

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Using web component

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