Getting Data From Firebase

Hi guys! I need help! Ive been going over the forum, looking at firebase topics for a few days but just cant seem to figure it out. Can someone help?

Inside my project bucket I save data inside each user, I want to display that data in labels in app, and of course only that users data should show for the user.

Can anyone show me how they would set up their blocks for this?
Im not uploading my blocks because they have become a mess as ive tried different things and they would not be helpful haha.



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first create a project bucket with a good name so you get that easily, try to get device id or user mobile etc so you can set that to project bucket for getting data and then set project bucket on that name and then ask to get data with tags, because we dont know how you are saving it with blocks and how you want to get and arrange, but i will show you some blocks, tell me how many buckets you have created or creating buckets for every user?

Hi! Thanks for the response!
Ive set up one project bucket and all the users go into that bucket, with their info under the User ID like in the picture.

If you could show me a simple example of how you would set up the blocks that would be great!


so this xybd … is user id?

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Thats correct, the one generated by firebase auth.

ok, here is blocks, try them.



this will work when user is login with firebase Auth. so we can get user id.

Ok! Thanks a Lot, I’ll give it a go and let you know how it goes.

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Ive tried it out, and set up my blocks just like you showed me and get the following error message when I open the app,
any suggestions? Thanks!

pm me your aia i will check it

Thanks Ive PM you the AIA

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Hi! Anyone one with some suggestions? can´t seem to get this to work. Thanks!

Hi! Ive solved it, it was just like these blocks example you sent me, but I had to change firebase url to project bucket equal to user ID. Thanks!

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