Firebase project bucket

Hi im trying to set the phone number as the Project Bucket when the user sign up.

it’s working now but i cant display other details, only the email
this is my fetching blocks

help me please

Your blocks are wrong. You should not call the firebase details in screen initi, instead you should call all when current user success…

Move all the firebase calling blocks to when current user success just below the oroject bucket

but is the project bucket to get USER ID is correct?

In such case you need to use another firebase component to get user details.

Is your above procedure works as per your expectations? I don’t think so

i will try this first

it only display the email :sob:

But where is the project bucket as number??

it’s on the other screen
here this is the screen where the user sign up

and this is the screen where it will display the user’s detail when they sign up

Sorry, you said you have set project bucket as phone number, but there is no such info…

See, after sign up success How did you save the details, the same like try to take.

this is how i saved phone number as project bucket image

I think still you didn’t catch my point.

When current user success, or log in success,

  1. Add Set firebase bucket to get phone number and
    add get firebase value blocks

Remaining process app will do

Very simple.

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