My firebase database is not working. what can possibly go wrong?

I made an app which takes value from firebase database and uses it as an url
but the firebase database is not returning any value.
please help.

The GOT VALUE block is never executed.
And the firebase never stores the value zxzxzzxzxzx to the Tag ert.

did you setup firebase properly?

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welcome, i think firebase setup is not correctly, or url tag is not there in database, show firebase properties and firebase database


yes I have set up everything correctly

is project bucket is available in firebase database? with same name?

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yes the project bucket is also with same name

and what about set rules? are they set to true?

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Here’s what you can do create another app and use firebase database in it.
use the ‘store value to tag’ block in that app and use that app 3-4 times.
this process refreshes firebase database many times.

after that firebase database will work on your main app.

this process is working for me let me know if it helps to you.

thanks to all for replying fast.


No need to hide! We’re not here to steal and/or harm your project. Please show me the project bucket name.

solved already
sir thanks for reviewing.
besides many people suggests not to show the firebase details.

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dont worry that dosnt show full url or token so its safe,

Serious developers never steals or do harms to other developers… It’s hard to build, not to break.

Anyway, good to see you got your solution. Cheers!


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