The firebase 'Get Taglist' block isn't working for me

I tried without these blocks too. But its still not working. The .Got Value tag seems to be working.
But in this case the .Gettaglist block should work before I could make use of the .GotValue block.
This is how my FB database look like: firebase

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Sometimes for each item in list does not works.
So you can try for each number from block.

The problem is not with the for each item block. The .Tag List block itself isnt working. I tried to get a results with just the .Get Tag List & .Tag List blocks & still didnt work.

Then check URL and Project Bucket.
I can see that you have used /Level in you Firebase URL.Remove that from there and use in Project Bucket.

Project bucket format ?
I used multiple firebase components. (For each and every project buckets)

Use like this:

The same problem was with me, try taking a global variable “list” and set it to “create empty list” . After the firebase gets tag list, set the variable to “get value” then use “for each item in list”
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