Firebase Get Tag List query

I have already searched community but not solved my error.

Issue is that when i call firebase db get tag list and when tag list got i put the value in a label. The value shown is like this:

block is like this:

Why the value contain [“tagname”,“tagname2”] and i have same block in another project where value is getting like this (tagname tagname2)

why the values are different?

Different project buckets results in getting different tag list. Also since the query is get tag list returns a list of all tags under that project bucket. If you don’t want to show bruckets you have to use join items using separator list block


But i am using same project bucket

i want a list like this tagname,tagname2,tagname3 can u tell me blocks

In this project, in project settings you have checked Show Lists as Json, uncheck it

After that use

Thanks Dora. Only this that cause this error was I turned on Show list as json option in setting.

Thanks again.

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