Download Component Question

Which name have added to the “Save File As” in the designer screen?

You can add simple path like this:

Hi, I have two doubts about the Download component.
The first one is that I can not change the name of the file that is downloaded,
it is always saved with the name downloadfile.bin, I do not know if I’m not using it correctly, these are my blocks:


The second doubt is that I would like to know if I can choose in which path the file is downloaded

Thanks for all :wink:

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I put this on Save File As:

but when the file .mp3 download the result is a file with the name downloadfile.bin in the Downloads folder

Can anybody else confirm the same?


i try it in another phone and with a png image but the result it’s the same.

Any solution for that problem? :sweat_smile: I need it because i need to download mp3 files for my app because if i add the mp3 files in makeroid the app size it’s more than the limit size, please help.

I had no time in the last days… I will check it.

I don’t know why but since we released it nothing was working correct.
Before was all working perfect.

I spend now 3 days into it of my free time and now everything works again how it should.

All you can do now is wait for next release.


thank you so much :slight_smile:

I have a question about downloading files!
Q How to check if a file is downloaded? And if the file is downloaded then there should be no download option.

good morning downloading from a link download a .png of the web page and not the selected file.
if I use an external browser it works correctly. it’s my mistake or a bug.
@Mika if you can take a look. I attach blocks.blocks (1)

Check the values of url and content Disposition

Fixed with extended web viewer extension