Download data spreadsheet from kodular

i have data in google spreadsheet and i will download spreadsheet from kodular, anyone can help me show this code block? thanks

try like this, so you will get your google sheet values into csv manner spreadsheet id)/export?format=csv

failed to use it

this is my code block, would you correct my code

no no… i said to download the content only. actually what you wanna achieve? need to download the google sheet as excel sheet in to your device or as pdf?

i want download file as excell

Try to set download url to and see if it works for you. File will download as xls

okee i will try it

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Example blocks, spreadsheet is set to shareable (anyone with link)

failed download

have you enabled the share option the google sheet?

Edit url After id to export link my sample :point_up_2:export?format=xlsx

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still fail

thanks, its work

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