Download Failed

Hello, I need help, I’ve been trying to solve this error for 2 days now, but I just can’t.
I connected my database with the download system and the Colintree ListView, but every time I click the button, the download fails.
My intention is for each item in my list to download a different file, but I can’t manually add the download for each separate file, as the list is generated based on the database.

Check your download link in firebase and when value is got, there might be some changes in the link.

I was able to request it, thanks, I just don’t know how to delete the question

you just could have provided the answer to your question instead to help others with the same problem in future

It was simple, the database cut the URL in some symbol like: “/:.=”
What I did was, in the database, change those symbols for others that would not shorten the URL and in the application, give the order to change those symbols for the correct symbols

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