Download files with Cloudinary

I am trying to basically upload pictures to cloudinary and then later download it from there and show it as an image in the app. I tried firebase storage and I cant even get it to first send the file and I dont understand what the problem is. I can upload the file but I dont know how to download the file back from cloudinary now or how to use the url. I am a noobie. Please help! thanks :slight_smile:

Edit - The below written comment is just a Suggestion.

You Need to Get all image URL’s from Cloudinary.
Then Store it in Airtable.
Then you can Call those URL’s from Airtable.
And Load images from URL.

it’s a Easy method.


Not only Airtable but also other online databases.

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He is a new user so i recomended him Airtable.

He can afterward increase his level. Going with other Databases.

And i respect your point of view too.

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Then next time you might want to add “This is a suggestion” or something like that :hugs:

Thanks for the answer! I used firebase to store the links! :slight_smile:

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I used firebase! :slight_smile: